By: Josh Jacobson

Visit the Mooresville Christian Mission on any given day, and you are likely to see staff and volunteers working together to make a better day for people experiencing poverty. But what do all those individual acts add up to over a calendar year?

 In a phrase: a whole lot.

 The Mission is Mooresville’s crisis assistance agency, supporting people who may be temporarily challenged to make ends meet, are working to move themselves out of poverty, or who feel stuck in a cycle of ongoing poverty. 

 The following data, which comes from census data and the most recent Community Health Assessment for Iredell County, paints a stark picture of need in:

  1. Mooresville has also seen significant growth over the last decade as the largest town in Iredell County. From 2010 to 2018, the town grew by 17.5% from 32,711 residents to 38,431.
  2. With that growth also comes an increase in the number of people experiencing poverty. Despite the perception of affluence for the Lake Norman community, nearly 15,000 of the county’s population lives below the poverty line, including 14% of all children.
  3. While Mooresville has a relatively low number of homeless individuals, the number of people living month-to-month is significant.

 Last year, the Mission served 4,192 people in need, providing nearly 9,000 individuals services, including more than 26,000 items given out through the Free Resource store and nearly $800,000 in rent and utility assistance.

While the Mission is still tabulating the numbers for the last year during the pandemic, there is no question the numbers will be much higher. Many people experienced poverty over the previous 16 months for the first time, and the Mission was a part of their story of recovery.

As impressive as the sheer numbers of people served are, the individual stories of strength and triumph have inspired everyone involved at the Mission. We look forward to sharing their stories throughout the fall.