Mooresville Christian Mission is committed to helping people experiencing poverty move to greater self-sufficiency. This is a major goal of our strategic plan we recently unveiled.

To aid us in this effort, the Mission is launched a new program in June called NETworX to build a “ladder of opportunity” for those experiencing poverty.

NETworX was first established in Anson County, NC and has become a nationwide movement to measurably reduce poverty through education and love of neighbor as well as self. As noted on the NETworx USA website, the program “equips communities to build intentional relationship across the lines that divide us by acknowledging the full dimensions of poverty and moving beyond strategies of rescue and relief to a mindset embracing mutual abundance in resources.”

The relationship-centered program focuses on education and mentorship through mutual accountability, goal setting, and celebration. NETWorX explores the many dimensions of poverty and the resources needed to overcome it, including financial, spiritual, cultural, emotional, relational, social and physical.

The Mission has a long history of running programs to support people in their strengthening journeys. For more than a decade, the Mission ran workshops and mentorship programming based on Bridges Our of Poverty, a program based on a book of the same name. Many volunteers in the Mooresville area donated their time and talents to this program that did a lot of good.

The Mission looks forward to sourcing volunteers to build a NETworX Intentional Community – a diverse and inclusive cohort of community members committed to personal and community transformation through connection and igniting human transformation.

Does that describe you? We’d love to hear from you. We are building a list of interested community members. Email us today and let us know.