Last quarter the Mission served 7452 individuals with groceries they can cook in their own homes for themselves and their families.  Those who participated in holiday food drives have much to be proud of…you made a difference in the lives of those who struggle with hunger.  The 7452 individuals served represents 67,068 meals served in our community during the months of October through December.

Why so much?

Yes, the economy seems to be improving and we are seeing more people find jobs.  The problem is  wages are still too low to rise out of low-income at the same time many are loosing benefits as they increase their families income.  It is what is known as the Cliff effect, where benefits are lost faster than wages can replace them often putting families at greater risk for hunger.  It is often the number one reason that people cannot get out of the system.  Services, such as our food pantry, help families with the resources they need as they “work” their way out of poverty.  Many of the services the Mission provides help “Bridge the Gap” until they can completely become self sufficient.  The pantry plays a vital role in our community.

Thank all of you who have helped keep our food pantry stocked for these families as they move forward.  If you would like learn how you can get more involved, go to our Food Pantry tab at the top of the page.