Essential Resources and Links to Provide Aid to Migrant Workers

The production of food is critical to the health and survival of our societies, which is why it is important to highlight the integral role that migrant workers play in supporting the economy, our food supplies and our societies as a whole. These all-important workers unfortunately do not have access to the same resources that others in our society do, which is why it can be helpful to connect them with these online resources. 

Help Migrant Workers Access Healthcare Services 

Despite forming the backbone of Canada’s, and the world’s, food production migrant workers often lack the basic healthcare afforded to citizens. 

Link Migrant Workers With Essential Legal Assistance 

In addition to health issues, migrant workers can also be impacted by legal issues, ranging from fears of deportation to unsafe working conditions provided by employers. 

  • Deportation threats and concerns are also a constant for migrant workers. 
  • It’s crucial for foreign workers to understand their legal rights and protections. 
  • It may be helpful to hire remote workers to provide legal counsel from afar.

Assist Migrant Workers With Basic Needs Like Housing 

Aside from working in unsafe conditions, many migrant workers and their families are also living in substandard housing, which can lead to further health and wellness issues.

Protect Vulnerable Migrant Children From Systemic Injustice 

It is paramount that the rights and well-being of children are protected. 

  • Child migrants are fleeing to the US to escape gang violence and other threats. 
  • Despite these threats, thousands of children have been detained and deported. 
  • It’s crucial to donate to and advocate for organizations that are helping migrant workers and their families. 

Migrant workers form the backbone of our society, and they deserve the same resources and protections as anyone else. From access to essential healthcare to protections for children, ensuring these resources for vulnerable populations should be all of our responsibilities. After all, we wouldn’t have food or other basic necessities if it wasn’t for migrant workers. 

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Jenna Sherman