By Josh Jacobson

Public and private transportation impacts everything important in someone’s life – the ability to get to work, see a physician, or access healthy food. Lack of transportation is a significant issue in Iredell County due to the expansive size of the County in relation to where services are provided. The last community health assessment noted following a survey that “nearly all community respondents have their own vehicle.”

But what about local residents who don’t?

These individuals lack the ability to jump in the car when they have a need. Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft provide temporary relief but can be costly for those already struggling to make ends meet. The Mooresville Main ICATS Bus Route is the only public transportation available. If a person’s destination is not on that route, there are few options. 

Until now.

Earlier this year, the Christian Mission launched Drive to Thrive, a program that matches donated cars with individuals enrolled in our holistic poverty alleviation program called NETworX. Through the program, participants who are in the midst of working towards increased self-sufficiency are paired with vehicles that have been donated, inspected, and deemed a dependable mode of transportation.

It is amazing to see how helping someone do something we all take for granted unlocks so much. A few miles may look like very little on GPS, but it is a daily struggle for many in our community.

With Drive to Thrive, the Christian Mission is “doing what it does,” serving as a platform for the generosity of the community to shine on those who are doing the work and making strides.

Together we can help end generational poverty, one road-worthy vehicle at a time. Interested in donating your vehicle? Reach out and let us know.