By Amy LaCount, Executive Director

Shortly after I arrived at the Mission, we needed a cleaning service. I asked Scotty Moore, Director of Client Services, if he knew of anyone. He immediately thought of Maya.

Maya came to the Mission in 2015 needing assistance. She was a single Mom of three children, struggling to make ends meet. Her husband was in prison, she was unemployed, and she had hit rock bottom. “I didn’t know where to begin. I was overwhelmed– I was… nowhere, said Maya.”

When folks are in this position, it’s nearly impossible for them to plan or get ahead. They’re just trying to put out the fires in front of them to survive another day. The Mission can provide these “emergency” needs to ease the stress and chaos in their lives. Extinguishing those fires allows us to have deeper conversations, set goals, and provide the resources to move someone forward.

Maya grew up in Mooresville and heard through word of mouth that the Mission was the place to go for help. She got connected with Scotty Moore, who at the time was a Case Manager. He listened to her challenges, enrolled her in our services, and provided utilities, food, house goods, clothing, and books for her children.

As a Case Manager, Scotty played an important role in Maya’s life. Over time, they worked through her challenges together, and he provided the resources and encouragement she needed. In addition to Case Management, Maya also participated in our Bridges Out of Poverty program (now NETworX). She learned about budgeting, networking, financial literacy, job skills and was paired with a mentor. In conjunction with Case Management, poverty alleviation programs like Bridges/NETworX are powerful and effective ways to propel clients forward. These are unique services in Mooresville, offered by The Christian Mission.

Through her time at the Mission, she was offered hope, equipped, and empowered. Maya had always dreamed of owning her own business, and in 2016 that became a reality! “The Mission has given me encouragement, the right resources, and motivation to get me to where I am today,” said Maya.”

Maya still has her business and is doing well. The Christian Mission is one of her many clients. When asked if she feels like she overcame the hardships that led her to the Mission, she stated, “Yes, not all of them, but most of them. I know if I need anything, the Mooresville Christian Mission is there for me.”

I’ve gotten to know Maya over the past year. We see each other weekly when she comes to clean the Mission. I also see her every Tuesday night at NETworX where we learn, grow, and move ahead together. She is a beautiful person who works very hard to provide for her family. She’s kind, caring, and always goes the extra mile.

Had the Mission’s services not been available, I’m not sure where she might be. I’m so grateful she reached out for help. Sometimes, that’s the hardest thing to do. Maya, if you’re reading this, please know how proud of you we are. Your story is an inspiration to all of us, and it just might inspire others to reach out for help too.

Offering Hope. Empower People. Fighting Poverty. That’s what we do at The Christian Mission!

–Amy LaCount

Executive Director