To all of my dear friends and colleagues; to all of you who have so generously supported the work of the Christian Mission through the giving of your time, talent and treasure to help those in need; and to all of you who have come to the Mission for assistance, and in the process, forever touched my heart and lifted my soul, I am writing to you today with a joy filled, but also saddened heart.

When God led me and my husband Craig to the Mission fourteen years ago, I could never have imagined what He had planned for us. Yes, the job has had many challenges, but over those fourteen years, I have seen the lives of countless people changed for the better, people acquiring the skills to lift themselves out of poverty, and people’s hope for a better future restored.

It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to have had the honor of leading the Mission for so many years. And it has been a privilege to help and work with so many wonderful people from all walks of life. I have been truly blessed.

As you know, a year ago I received a terminal cancer diagnosis. The doctors then gave me a few months to live. Obviously, God had a different timeline. However, over the past two months, the bad days have started to outnumber the good ones. And while I don’t know how much time I have left, what I do know, is that it is now time for me to rest and time for the Christian Mission to move forward.
While I have been the Executive Director of the Mission for fourteen years, the Christian Mission is not about any one person. It is about a dedicated and passionate group of employees and volunteers, surrounded and supported by the Churches and organizations and the people of the greater Mooresville community, all coming together for one purpose; and that is, to serve, care for, and most importantly, love those who are hurting and in need. All of us coming together to take the action necessary to love our neighbors as ourselves, is what defines the Christian Mission.

Although I am stepping down as Executive Director, I do so with the confidence of knowing that I have left the Mission in the very strong and capable hands of my two direct reports: Christy Cornacchio and Scotty Moore. Christy is now the Acting Executive Director of the Mission and Scotty is the Assistant Executive Director. Scotty, who was my first hire after I took this job, will continue to manage the Mission’s client facing activities and programs. Christy will have overall management responsibility for the Mission and will report directly to the Mission’s Board of Directors.

The Mission’s ability to help those who are hurting and in need depends on each one of us. For as long as the good Lord keeps me here, I will continue to help the Mission in any way that I can. And I ask the same of all of you. Helping those in need is not someone else’s job, it is our job. For those who have time, please offer what you can as a volunteer. For those who have resources, please give with generous hearts. For those who don’t have the time or resources, please pray for the Mission and all those that it serves.

As for me, the Christian Mission will forever be part of who I am. Whether here or in Heaven, I will faithfully pray for all those that it serves and all those who serve and support God’s work through it. May our Lord bless all of you abundantly.