Are you ready to translate your hard and soft skills into an exciting new career with plenty of post-pandemic job growth? If so, a career within growing industries like e-learning, collaboration technology, robotics, or healthcare could be right for you. For some tips on boosting your skillset, becoming a better leader, and pursuing a new career path post-pandemic, read on!


Find the Right Post-Pandemic Job for You


As we transition into a post-pandemic job market, some industries will thrive — while others will fail. To find the right post-pandemic career for you, check out these helpful tips and resources.


  • Find out which industries are expected to thrive post-coronavirus. According to Lendio, video conferencing companies, providers of contactless payment solutions, delivery services, and telehealth service industries are all expected to grow post-pandemic.
  • Translate your current skills and knowledge areas into the ones you’ll need to pursue a new career. To do this, make a list of your accomplishments, responsibilities at current and former jobs, and hard and soft skills — and match them with the skills you’ll need to pursue a new career path.
  • Discover the leadership skills that will be needed most as we transition into a post-pandemic world. According to Forbes, effective post-coronavirus leaders will need to master remote communication, adapt to changes without losing focus on long-term goals, and attune to the emotions of themselves and others.


Improve Your Chances of Landing a New Job


The post-pandemic job market will be fierce, but furthering your education and expanding your skillset will improve your chances of landing a rewarding new career opportunity.


  • Improve your personal development skills with these tips from Indeed’s Career Guide. Personal development skills can help you to advance your career and reach your personal and professional goals.
  • Obtain the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful business leader. With a master of business administration, you’ll learn key skills in operations management, marketing, accounting and communication.
  • Boost your career skills by completing an online course. Learn how to become a better public speaker, negotiator, writer, and decision-maker.


Additional Resources


To boost your skills even further as you prepare to embark on a new post-pandemic career path, check out the following books and websites.



As you get ready to advance your career and take advantage of growing industries like healthcare, collaboration technology, and remote learning, it’s important to learn new skills, enhance your knowledge base, and focus on becoming a stronger leader. Leadership is a practical skill that can be applied to nearly any industry or situation — and strong leaders will be highly sought after in a post-pandemic world.