Volunteer Coordinator News

If you have been involved with The Christian Mission for any length of time, you will recognize the name Suzanne Dewosky. She has faithfully served as our Volunteer Coordinator for ten years! Many of you may not know that Suzanne works full-time and fit this role in on nights and weekends. She has brought hundreds, actually, thousands of volunteers together over the years. Suzanne is passionate about our work at the Mission. While stepping away from coordinating volunteers, she will be taking on a more strategic role with our Board of Directors. In fact, she has jumped in with two feet by serving on our Strategic Planning Committee. Her rich knowledge of the Mission, passion for alleviating poverty, and dedication to our organization are invaluable assets to our Board. Suzanne is never one to need or want recognition. However, we want to thank her for her service as Volunteer Coordinator! The “Mission” would not be what it is today without her support and hard work. Thank you Suzanne! She is officially passing the torch to Layne Smith beginning today, Monday, Oct. 12th. We are excited to have Layne join the staff. As the previous Back to School Bash Executive Director, she comes with much experience coordinating, empowering, and engaging volunteers. Welcome to the Mission Layne! You can reach Layne at volunteer@ourchristianmission.org or by calling 704-664-2357.

A Note from Suzanne Dewosky

Suzanne’s favorite event of the whole year is our annual Easter event!

Thank you for your continued help in supporting our community by volunteering and praying for the Mission. It has truly been an honor to help coordinate our volunteers in my capacity as the Volunteer Coordinator over the past ten years.

One thing I have learned through my role at the Mission is that we all have talents with which we have been blessed. It has been exciting to see people discover their gifts and share them to help others in our community.

While I am stepping aside from the Volunteer Coordinator role, I am excited to continue to serve in a more strategic role as an active Board Member for the Mission.

Please continue to discover your gifts and share them with others,


Meet Layne Smith

You can reach Layne at volunteer@ourchristianmission.org

I am so excited to be provided with this opportunity to serve as the Volunteer Coordinator! I graduated from Appalachian State with a degree in Sociology and a Minor in Non-Profit Management. I have always had a passion for community work and love working with volunteers. Growing up in Williamson’s Chapel UMC and West Church taught me the importance of using one’s resources to make a difference in other people’s lives. Volunteers are the heart of any non-profit. Ensuring all volunteers are utilized, comfortable, and feel welcome is very important to me. I am so excited to be a part of this team who makes a difference in our community.